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Books about Barcodes

Here are a few good books about the technical details of barcodes that we have found useful. Please let us know if you have a favorite that should be added to the list.

Lines of Communication
by Craig Harmon
Helmers Publishing

This book includes quite a bit of technical information that can be useful to programmers.  We believe this book has been out of print for a while, but used copies are often available on line.
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The Bar Code Book
by Roger C. Palmer
Helmers Publishing, ISBN 0-911261-09-5, 386 pages

This book offers an introduction to data entry techniques and the history of barcodes, and a detailed description of the technology which underpins the various types of barcodes in common use.  Chapters describe all aspects, including printing, scanning, verification, and more.  Over 100 pages of appendices cover technical details of the most widely used barcode symbologies.
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Punched Cards to Bar Codes
by Benjamin Nelson
Helmers Publishing, ISBN 0-911261-12-5, 434 pages

An excellent reference on the history of barcodes, this book includes descriptions of over 260 different types of barcodes. We have successfully used this book to identify samples of mystery codes that have been sent to us.
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