Barcode Fonts for Laser Printers

Our fonts add barcode printing capability to any laser printer, regardless of make or model.  These fonts are formatted in PCL, the native command language used by all laser printers.   Unlike TrueType or PostScript fonts, they can be used with any operating system, including non-graphical systems. Less costly than hardware-based solutions, our fonts produce accurate, fast-printing, fast-scanning barcodes.

These fonts are ideal for high-volume document production operations where speed and efficiency are critical. The fonts are suited for systems in which business software creates printed documents by generating PCL-formatted data.


  • Cost Effective: Much lower cost than comparable add-in printer hardware modules.  For example, hardware font modules typically cost roughly $150 and up... $1,500 for a site with 10 printers.  Fonts cost only $200 for s Site License (average of $20 per printer).
  • Compatible with All Laser Printers:  These PCL-5 fonts will work with any laser printer, so you can choose your next laser printer based on cost and performance instead of being limited to models with available barcode hardware modules.
  • Operating System Independent: Font files can be stored on any host system, independent of the OS, and downloaded to the printer as needed. Depending on the capabilities of the printer, the fonts can be stored permanently in the printer's flash memory or hard disk. These fonts work with Windows Server, Unix, Linux, Unisys, and other enterprise operating systems.
  • Efficient: Each PCL font file is only about 4K in size, downloads in a flash, and consumes very little printer memory. The PCL trigger sequences embedded in the printer data stream add only about 12 to 20 bytes per barcode. The printer can render the font-based barcode without any processing delay.
  • Precise: These bit-mapped fonts produce barcodes that are accurate to the dot and can be scanned quickly and consistently, even at high densities. Much more accurate than TrueType and other scaled fonts.
  • Easy to Integrate: Adding barcodes to documents simply requires inserting commands (PCL escape sequences) and formatted data into the printer data. The User Manual includes detailed information and sample code to assist programmers.
  • Supports Major Barcode Types:  Code 39, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, Retail Codes (UPC and EAN), USPS Postnet.

User Comments:

"The software seems to work fine. I've got it installed in batch mode, and all works perfectly. This is handy, as I was not looking forward to rewriting about a gazillion little utility apps I had written over the last 20 years using the HP BarcodesAndMore DIMMs. This seems to be a good solution, and is totally transparent to my software, no muss, no fuss. I've tested it with three different printers and it works great. All do PCL6 emulation and they all responded perfectly; a HP8100N, and a pair of Okidate B431DN. Good job!   --  Thanks, John B."


Barcode Font Kits:  Each kit includes a selection of barcode fonts in various heights and densities.  They provide a quick and economical option for adding barcodes to your laser printer.

Legacy Barcode Font Kits:  These kits include fonts that emulate the Hewlett-Packard "Barcodes and More" plug-in font cartridge introduced in the 1980's.  As older printers go out of service, our legacy fonts adapt new laser printers to work with legacy code with embedded printer commands.

Custom Barcode Fonts:  Downloadable PCL barcode fonts designed to match your specific requirements.  An excellent way to deploy exactly the barcodes you need with a minimum of difficulty.


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