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* EAN/UCC General Specifications (1998)
* EANCOM® Manual version 1997- UN/EDIFACT D.96A (4 A4 binders, plus set of 3 PC diskettes or 1 CD-Rom)
* EAN Identification of retail/trade items (leaflet)
* EAN Application Identifiers & the UCC/EAN 128 symbology (leaflet)
* UCC/EAN Logistics Label and Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) (leaflet)
* Video: UCC/EAN Application Identifiers: Global Standards for Products and Shipment Information (VHS Pal/ Secam, 25:00 min.)
* Introduction to the SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code)
* The Role of EAN in ECR (Efficient Consumer Response), leaflet
* Vital in Communications : EAN Location Numbers (implement. cases)
* EAN Location Numbers, a key concept in communications (leaflet)
* EANCOM®: an International Standard for EDI communication (leaflet)
* Introduction to EANCOM® in Trade and Finance
* Introduction to EANCOM® in Trade and Transport
* The Application of EANCOM® for the Trade of Healthcare Products, 104 pages
* Introduction to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
* Customer Specific Articles User Profile
* Metered Services Invoice User Profile
* EAN Applications in the Healthcare Sector
* Improving the Business Potential- An Int'l. Guide for Identifying and Bar Coding Health care Products for Mfrs and Dstrbtrs
* EDI and barcoding for healthcare providers- Improving Administration, Logistical and Supply Processes , 87 p.
* Report: Status of the Coding of Pharmaceutical Products, 2/98
* EDI in the EAN Community 1997--survey: standards, usage, VANs
* EAN International Annual Report
* EAN International: an Introduction (leaflet)


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