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EAN: ICCC (Central America EAN Coding Authority)
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EAN: ICCC (Central America EAN Coding Authority)

(Instituto Centroamericano de Codificacion Comercial)
(Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and El Salvador)

The presidency of the ICCC rotates annually among the member countries and is currently held by Costa Rica (ACCC-EAN Costa Rica). Effective August, 1996, the presidency will move to El Salvador.
ACCC-EAN Costa Rica
P.O. Box 11892-1000
San Jose, Costa Rica
Telephone: 506.2443255
Telefax: 506.2244722

At present, the Secretary is in Guatemala at IGC-EAN, Instituto Guatemanleto de Codificacion:
IGC-EAN (Instituto Guatemanleto de Codificacion) Maritza Hidalgo, General Manager Telephone: 502.2.340849
Telefax: 502.2.326658


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